Ezekiel 34:29 - Jah People Version
Raise my plant of character (Cannabis); remove hunger from the earth by casting away the disgrace of the nations. [JPV]

InI loved Christmas trees when I was a kid and my family tended to celebrate American-style at Christmas time: shopping... wrapping... setting up the tree... lighting and decorating it... placing gifts under it... fireplace... music... photos... endless snacks and cups of cheer.

And then on Christmas Day... a home-cooked meal by Mom and Grammy that would feed a cannabis rally.  Well... I mean... they wouldn't have liked that idea at the time, but "feed an army" is the classic expression and a rally of peace activists is just my kind.  In any case my peaceful friends would have flipped their cookies for this amazing meal.

After dinner we'd gather 'round the christmas tree for hours opening presents in-turn, one at a time, complete with with ooos... ahhs... smiles and hugs.  It was a time for family; for sharing joy and abundance with each other and showing love by giving and receiving thoughtful gifts... like an Electro-Harmonix deluxe electric mistress flanger for me (guitar thing), shiny jewelry for Mom and Grammy and a fabulous cordless electric screwdriver for Dad.  For the seasonal movie buffs... one year even I got a brand new BB gun (eye: OK).

Thanks Mom, Dad and Grammy for these beautiful memories and blessings.


Now years later in jah InI have finally learned to meditate, and yep... jah gives me things to think about.  Lots of things.  Things like... what about this focal point?  Why do folks do this weird thing with the tree?  

What is this ritual of sacrificing a tree full of lights bearing gifts?

Christianity taught me the season is 100% about an ancient child named Jesus born in a manger whom I need to love and believe in with all my heart, mind and soul, period.  Just Jesus, man... ya gotta believe.  The 2000 year-old baby is IT.  He was born in a manger surrounded by animals to a poor couple named Mary and Joseph.  There was a star in the sky and some dudes called magi followed it to honor him.  Its all about this child wrapped in swaddling clothes.


...and everyone honors the occasion by sacrificing an evergreen tree full of lights bearing gifts.




My family may have gone to church and had a manger scene with angels and a star on the fireplace mantle, but, like everyone else around us we gathered and celebrated around a sacrificed tree full of lights bearing gifts.



What does sacrificing a tree have to do with Jesus?  Why does it have lights?  Why does it bear gifts?


Looking just a little bit closer at some key meanings behind the story of this prophesied, anointed child... an actual, foundational sacrificial tree full of lights bearing gifts is revealed.  It is the anointing tree from which "christ", that is, jah's anointing is obtained.  This tree is the biblical Tree of Life, stunningly beautiful and bearing it's own light.  Rasta bredren and sistren... jah people from the four corners of the earth gather daily in it's unity and wonder in it's glorious light, experience it's gifts, celebrate and heal... spiritually.  The biblical Tree of Life tree has everything to do with Jesus, the christ, for without it there would be no Christ or Christmas at all.


Christ is the key word.  This is not Jesus' last name.  It is a condition.

"Christ" refers to the anointing of Jesus (jah-shuah); the anointing of jah kings; the way and means and sacrament of all jah-shuah (jah-urged via anointing).

The recipe for the holy anointing oil conveying the holy spirit (sacred breath/essense) of jah is recorded clearly in the book of Exodus:

Exodus 30:22-25 - Jah People Version
Jah spoke to Moses, saying, [JPV]
Take head spices (for the head): pure myrrh five hundred shekels; sweet cinnamon half that much: two hundred and fifty shekels, and sweet Cannabis (qaneh bosem) two hundred and fifty shekels, [JPV]
and cassia five hunderd sheckles to consecrate olive oil in a jar. [JPV]
Make this oil of holy anointing as prepared via the art of an apothecary (herbal oil perfumer): it is holy anointing oil. [JPV]

Exodus 30:29 - Jah People Version
It (Cannabis) purifies everything it touches and is for sanctification of one's self. [Exodus 30:29, JPV]

Consecrated by essenses of sacred plants from jah's garden.  Myrrh, cinnamon and cassia are all beautiful, historically sacred incenses, and cannabis is the specific spirit (breath/essense) of jah and anointing of jah kings.  This is why it is included in Exodus 30's holy anointing oil recipe.
Lamentations 4:20 - Jah People Version
The breath of our nostrils; the anointing of Jah (Cannabis), was caught in their traps to in order to obscure the healing of the nations. [JPV]

Taking cannabis upon one's self is to become yoked to jah; in communion with jah, thus jah-urged (jah-shuah; the Hebrew word for, and meaning of, "jesus").

So WHY do follks sacrifice and gather together around an evergreen tree full of lights bearing gifts?



This ritual is a shadow of the actual which has been obscured.  Folks light lights and give gifts because they have forgotten the christ tree which bears it's own lights and gifts.  Evergreen means always bearing life.  Life is the specific gift of jah's Tree Of Life / Plant of Renown.


...that is, christ-mass means to mass (gather) around christ.  Christ is an English translation of the Greek word christos which is the condition of having received the anointing of jesus (Exodus 30:25), that of all jah kings; the breath of our nostrils (Lamentation 4:20); the essense (breath/spirit/extract) of the anointing-tree: cannabis.

Christmas, properly, is Cannabis-mass.

And today we see new Cannabis churches sprouting up all across the nation.  If you've wondered why, folks are beginning to remember as they recognize and realize the true gifts of jah's holy tree of life.  Praise is a natural response to being spiritually healed, hence folk gather and praise together around the true christ-mass tree... and establish local congregations based upon this way of life.  This uniting spirit is what RastafarI call One Love.


Isaiah 18:4 - Jah People Version
Like this, Jah said: be still and meditate in your basis (breath) with clear heat upon the herb (Cannabis) which is enveloped in tricomes when it is ready for harvest. [JPV]

jah's tree full of lights bearing gifts is the Tree of Life who's essense is conveyed to the human soul via sacrifice (consuming by fire or by eating).


His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I; Ras Tafar I

...was coronated on November 2, 1930.  He is anointed as ordained, thus jah-urged (jah-shuah).  His official titles are:

  • Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah
  • King of Kings
  • Elect of God

These are not matters of faith.  These are contemporary facts, and jah's anointing is the means by which Ras Tafar I became a light and teacher to the world.

Isaiah 51:16 - Jah People Version
I put my words in your mouth by filling you up and clothing you with the protection of my Hand (Cannabis, Isaiah 66:14); the Plant of Heaven; the foundation of Earth; the appointed permanent government of Jah people. [JPV]

But... King of Kings.  Isn't that Jesus?  Isn't this a conflict?

The name of Jesus solves it.  Jesus is jah-shuah in Hebrew, meaning jah-urged.  Jesus instructs all jah people to take his cannabis yoke (jah's-urging) upon ourselves.  This is how ones "follow" him.  Do what he does in order to be like him.  Be the ball.  Become jah-urged; anointed; christed; elect of god by yoking yourself to jah in communion: by sacrificing the christ-tree.  Haile Selassie I is anointed; jah-urged, which put jah's words in his mouth exactly as the passage above from Isaiah confirms.

To practice RastafarI is to practice jah-shuah: the anointing of all jah kings who gather around, celebrate and sacrifice jah's tree full of lights bearing gifts exactly as ordained:

Isaiah 30:33 - Jah People Version
Tophet (kindling Cannabis incense) is timelessly ordained (legislated) for kings.  It is established.  Grow profoundly large piles to burn and be filled with the tree.  The breath of Jah is a stream of healing balm, to kindle (to consume (by fire or by eating)). [JPV]

The Tree of Life; the breath of our nostrils; the anointing of jah: cannabis.  This is jah's anointing tree; the christ-mass tree.


InI recently attended a Christmas choir concert with friends at Hamline University.  Among other things, this beautiful choir specifically wished for all - including Christian, secular and Pagan who seek the light within - that we would all, together, experience a spirit of peace all throughout the year.
Beautiful.  The choir's expressed wish is the exact purpose of sacrificing the christ-mass tree:

Isaiah 66:18-22 - Jah People Version
The purpose of this act is to call forth and assemble all nations and tongues to come and experience my copiousness. [JPV]
Perform this miracle appointed to refugees of all nations. To Tarshish, Put and Lud who bend the bow; to Tubal, Javan and the isles abroad.  Call them together and report the experience of my copiousness.  Profess my copiousness to all nations. [JPV]
Call bredren and sistren with the sacrifice (Cannabis) of Jah for all nations.  Upon horses and chariots, in covered wagons pulled by mules and upon swift beasts (by all means) call them to my holy mountain's foundation of peace (Cannabis), says Jah.  Children of Israel carry, bring forth and abide in my sacrifice of purity (Cannabis) which furnishes the house of Jah (human body/family). [JPV]
Take up the priesthood of the Levites, says Jah.  [InI are each personally responsible for the furnishing of Jah's house (see Numbers 1:50)].  [JPV]
Renew the heavens and renew the earth.  Keep my timeless ordinance (Cannabis: Isaiah 30:33), says Jah.  My seed's authority is established. [JPV]

Revelation 3:18 - Jah People Version
I counsel you to be redeemed of my gold (illumination: Cannabis) kindled with fire in order to become wealthy and clothed in white clothing (light).  Become fully invested (in Cannabis' light) and the disgrace of your nakedness (lack of light) will no longer appear.  Therefore anoint your eye with my anointing (Cannabis) in order to see. [JPV]

Accompanying Frankincense (incense) and Myrrh (incense) is Cannabis incense: the gift of "gold" from the Magi to the child... for his anointing.

Isaiah 60:6 - Jah People Version
The multitude of camels shall cover thee, the dromedaries of Midian and Ephah; all they from Sheba shall come to bring forth the golden incense (Cannabis) which announces and praises Jah. [JPV]

Gathering around and sacrificing (consuming) this tree is the ordained free gift of jah's spirit (breath/essense) of literal, tangible peace on earth.

But not just for a season...  The breath of jah is the spirit of peace all throughout the year.


"Not only green when summer's here,
But also when it's cold and drear.
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree,
Thy leaves are so unchanging!"

-- Lyrics from O Christmas Tree

Cannabis:  The original, ever-green, Tree of Life.


Love one another.  Sacrifice the christ-mass tree together... all throughout the year!